The largest collection of cacti in Australia!

Imagine yourself in a desert landscape, surrounded by beautiful cacti and other succulents, on sandy walking trails that take you away to the other side of the world. Spend an afternoon in Mexico, or the Sahara, but actually right here in Australia! Our huge 12-acre garden has thousands of varieties of incredible plants that will leave you astonished at how crazy mother nature can be.  

Here at Cactus Country, there are plenty of activities to entertain the whole family. Shoot the best ever photos for your travel album, find your new favourite plant pet to take home with you, and learn all about our incredible cacti. Our café and courtyards are wonderful places to chill out while enjoying an ice cold margarita or Mexican beer - and don’t forget to try our famous cactus cake and cactus ice cream!



Let's take a walk trough the wild side

Exploring our garden is a plant lover’s dream! The 8 different trails will guide you through South American, Mexico, North American and South African sections of the garden. There is also Cactus Farmer Jim’s valley of hybrid giants, which is not to be missed! Plant guide books are available for those interested in learning about the beautiful plants along the garden trails.






Love photography?

Get lost in our gorgeous cacti garden with your camera gear, and don’t forget to bring your family or friends for some spontaneous snaps.


The gardens here, however, offer an incredible and diverse backdrop for all you creatives out there, and we love to see your imagination run wild. Remember to tag us when posting your pics on social media, so we can see your beautiful work, and for the chance for us to show the world what great photographers you are!

* For professional photo shoots we have a photography fee. Please contact us for more info.

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Let’s spend a day at Cactus Country with the kids!

Visiting Cactus Country is a perfect location for a family day trip. Walking through the garden is not only lots of fun, it can also be very interesting and educational, no matter what your age. We are never too old or young to learn!  


Upon reception, we provide you our ‘Spotto’ game clipboard, for the eager little ones. This is a scavenger hunt, where the aim is to spot the pictured plants, find Nemo, and answer as many questions about the cacti as you can. Done? Meet one of our Cactus Country team members and receive a little sweet treat!


Our Grotto of Hearts, is also a beautiful place to relax with a cold drink, and to find where all the hearts are hidden. How many can you count?


Cactus ice cream is always a hit with children,

so why not give it a try. It is de-li-ci-ous!