You'll recieve a cutting from the garden, the appearance may differ from the one in the picture.

They range from 48cm - 58cm in height, from 28cm - 35cm

width, not including the pot.



Always wear gloves when handling cactus, we recommend welding gloves. 

3/4 fill a pot with cactus soil, then insert the base of each cutting deep enough that it stands up unsupported. Water the planted cutting until the soil is evenly wet. Place the pot in a warm room in filtered sunlight. Water the cactus when the top inch of soil begins to dry out.


LIGHT : Ideally these plants love full sun, but you'll need to slowly introduce them back to the light or the skin will get burn spots. Start by putting it in a location that gets sunlight in the mornings and then each week move it into locations with more and more light. 


WATER : Opuntia are prettty tough, they will make do with whatever rain they get.  If under cover or inside, only water them when they have already absorbed all the moisture in the soil. 


POT OR IN THE GROUND :  These cuttings will take off in a pot or in the ground. Keep in mind these do get quite large over time. Don't put it in the open ground if you don't want it to dominate the garden in 15 years time. 

Cutting Large Opuntia Burbank Spineless (prickly pear)